This 64-year-old man surprised the judges with skills they never expected

As the video begins, we see Kenny Petrie—a 64-year-old gentleman—kneeling down to open a case. The judges look on, trying to figure out what could be in the case.

When they see the guitar for the first time, Simon’s face says it all: they have low expectations for this act. However, this initial disappointment doesn’t last for long.

In fact, they’re blown away from the second the music begins. Kenny begins playing a familiar riff that many know by heart: the riff from “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith.

Completely taken aback, both the judges and the hosts are in shock. No one expected this music from this man! The video cuts ahead slightly, and now he’s playing a different song.

At this point, Kenny is just having a good time, shredding up and down the length of the guitar like it’s nothing. Besides his age, one thing that clearly sets Kenny apart from many other performers: his confidence.

Although it’s apparent he’s concentrating, Kenny is also smiling and enjoying the music as he plays. Bouncing around the stage and looking into the crowd, it’s evident that Kenny knows how to work a crowd.

Impressively, Kenny actually managed to get Simon to smile! Once he’d concluded playing, the judges couldn’t wait to tell him how impressed they were. Now labeled a “rock god” by the judges, Kenny quickly received four “Yes” votes to move forward in the competition.

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