Big Brother Wants Some Answers Before His New Baby Sister Comes Home

It may be funny when you look back on it years later, but if you’ve had kids, you’ve inevitably been treated to the spectacle of a verbal gaffe. Been there, done that. Sometimes, we put our foot in our mouths. Other times, it’s just sweet innocence that gets us in trouble. As we know, kids speak their minds — although as we’ll see here, they often aren’t fully informed — and sometimes don’t have a “filter.” It can be cute and sometimes downright hilarious, particularly if it’s just you and them.

In the video posted below, you’ll see a fine example of a kid saying something really funny and managing to embarrass no one but himself. And don’t worry, we aren’t going to reveal any spoilers. This particular incident actually began as a really nice family moment. Mom hands a newborn baby to a little boy and explains that she’s his brand-new sister. So much for sibling rivalry: he’s all smiles and clearly delighted to be meeting her. He even gives her a little peck on the cheek. Aw, what a good brother.

The newborn starts to squirm, and her brother announces that she’s “wiggling around.” Their mom explains that “Yes, she’s wiggling around. It means she likes you.” Now it’s time for him to show off some of his knowledge. For the benefit of everyone in the room, he points out where his new sister’s stomach is, where her legs are, and where her feet are.

This is when the embarrassing gaffe happens. He asks a question that has everyone laughing. That’s funny enough, but wait until you see the expression on his face when his mom tells him the answer – that is truly the funniest part.

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