Remember The World’s Most Beautiful Twins? Here’s What They Look Like Today

We’ve all heard of being born under a bad sign. But what about being born under a beautiful sign?

Years ago, Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements made a splash in the world of modeling. They were only seven years old and quickly earned a flattering nickname: “the world’s most beautiful twins.”

Of course, their career moment and big breakout success were way back in 2017. What have the twins been up to lately, and what do they look like now? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Born into beauty

Sometimes, parents encounter a lot of pushback at the idea of their children modeling. While the twins’ mother Jaqi Clements would eventually have to contend with haters (more on this later), she received early encouragement for her children to become star models.

Why is that? According to Jaqi, her beautiful children kept getting compliments from the day they were born. Even perfect strangers on the street would stop and take notice of just how cute these kids were.

Those strangers didn’t stop at saying the twins were beautiful. Many of them posed the same question: had Jaqi considered getting them into modeling? She eventually decided to do just that, but the twins’ road to modeling success ended up having many unexpected twists and turns.

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