Perfect timing: dad films his twins having a beautiful conversation

Babies can be cute when they attempt to talk, but there’s nothing quite like twin babies talking to each other. Roy Johannik was making a video of his twins when he caught them having an utterly adorable little conversation.

Merle and her brother Stijn certainly seem to be on the same wavelength. People have always noticed it’s like that with twins, even to the point that they almost seem to be able to communicate without speaking. So far as anyone knows, not even the closest twins can really do that, but it is very common for twins to develop their own secret language when they’re really young.

Merle and Stijn are so young that they’re making what seem to us to be incoherent sounds. But before long they’ll surely be talking to each other in their own version of “twin speak.” This secret language of twins always seems to include onomatopoeia, words that sound like what they are (boom, splash, meow, etc.) as well as some invented words. But much of twin speak involves taking actual words and giving them whole new meanings. Word order often gets scrambled up, too. Any given set of twins has their own custom form of twin speak, understood only by them and nobody else. The one downside of twin speak is that it may delay the twins’ acquisition of normal language. If you’ve already got a language that works perfectly well with someone you spend almost all your time with, why bother learning a new one?

Check out the video posted below to see Merle and Stijn looking intently at each other while having their “conversation.” What they’re talking about is a complete mystery. Could they be reminiscing about the good old days in the womb? Debating the merits of different brands of baby food? Whatever it was, their dad certainly enjoyed it and couldn’t suppress his laughter.

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