Young Boy Steals Spotlight Singing Johnny Cash Song

Even adults get the jitters when asked to entertain an audience. Even mainstream artists and bands get stage fright so imagine performing solo with all the lights and all those eyes on you. Nhưng this is five year old Wesley performing “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash. This kid is so rock-n-roll. He takes the stage alone, sits with his guitar, and with his lovely red hair starts playing without an ounce of nervousness.

He pronounces some words like every other kid, like his “train” sounding like “twain”, and well, you get the idea. Wesley prefers to strum the bass string which might be what he’s going for just to add some character to the classic country song.

The young man starts singing,

I hear the train a comin
It’s rollin’ ’round the bend
And I ain’t seen the sunshine
Since, I don’t know when

Redemption, moral tribulation and sorrow are common themes for “The man in black”. Yes, Cash preferred to dress in black, and with his deep voice, with his style.calm and somber demeanor, the man became an outlaw

The song was written in then West Germany back in the early 1950s when Cash served in the US Air Force. What’s even cooler was that he wrote it in Landsberg, Bavaria which itself was a famous prison. How Johnny Cash is that?He wrote it when he saw the film Inside the walls of Folsom Prison {1951}

Basically a man spending the remainder of his days inside the prison because he“shot a man in Reno just to watch him die”. That explains the lyrics.He knows people out there are enjoying their freedom while he gave up his for the crime he committed. Dark stuff.Young Wesley has earned over 4.8 million views for his performance.

His red hair bobbing to the deep melody of his guitar while he moves his leg to the timing of his strumming. Wesley cannot be distracted. He sings his little heart out, making Cash proud.

But I know I had it comin
I know I can’t be free
But those people keep a-movin
And that’s what tortures me

The song is very much Johnny Cash.

Would have been great if he said, “Hello, I’m Wesley” before he started playing as an ode to Johnny, but hey, this kid’s got the attitude so that works fine. Plus it’s awesome to see a kid singing a classic country hit from the fifties.

Whether this boy knows the meaning behind the song he’s singing is debatable but you can’t deny his talent

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