This Mom’s Reaction To Her Son Throwing Rocks At The Police Is Commendable.

Mom’s Response to Son Throwing Rocks at Police in Baltimore Goes Viral

Being a good mom is not just about sharing hugs and kisses with your children, but also teaching them the right values and guiding them through difficult situations. One mom from Baltimore did exactly that in 2015 when her teenage son, among other masked protesters, was throwing rocks at the police.

The concerned woman stepped in, and despite the tense situation, she started speaking to her son, reminding him of the importance of respect and kindness towards others. She even hugged him tightly and reprimanded him for his actions.

The woman’s actions were captured on video, and her admirable response quickly went viral. Her words, “Baltimore doesn’t need the National Guard; they need more parents like this one!” became a rallying cry for those who believe that good parenting can make a significant difference in society.

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