Baby Dances to Music Video. Watch Him Make His Moves to Beyoncé! TOO CUTE!

When it comes to music, Queen Bey made music history, broken and set a whole bunch of records and is definitely featured on the Top Music Charts of today. What really brings attention to her has to be her biggest and youngest fan.

When Dad starts playing Queen Bey’s music video ‘Single Ladies’ on the television, he certainly wasn’t expecting his little one to start moving to her beats! The infant could barely stand, forget about dancing but I guess music and rhythm flows through his veins!

Holding on to the table for support, the child moves and sways to her lyrics and tune. You can’t help but notice the child’s excitement on hearing the song. He’s obviously fallen in love with Beyoncé and isn’t afraid to show it.

The parents are so amused in seeing their little one dancing so happily. It really makes your heart melt! Babies have a way of just making you go awwwww and this adorable video definitely tugged at my heart strings!

Has your baby done such adorable antics? Do you have stories to share about your little one? What do you think of this video? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you!

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