Enigmatic ‘Sound of Silence’ cover played 7.7M times

A must-listen, even if you are not a fan, this classical and the remake are enough to calm your nerves.

Take time to listen to the entire song, and though you may get teary-eyed, it may all be due to its reminder of the good old days and peaceful vibes.

It takes unique ears and heart to listen to a song and present it with such accuracy as the original. It is especially so when it is a young talent, remaking popular oldies.

Regardless of your taste in music, Emma and Husky will leave you with a new song for your playlist or make you nostalgic for the good old days.

Create new vibes with this much-needed, subtle addition to your list of meditation songs. Play it back a few times, and you will appreciate their effort in remaking this piece.

A slow-paced, nostalgic reminder of how delightful music once was and the possibilities for the future. Nonetheless, it takes an expressive remake like this to pinpoint today’s hidden talent.

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