15 Powerful Birth Images That Will Touch Your Heart and Leave You in Awe

What an incredible year it has been! We have experienced moments of laughter and tears, as well as the joy of new beginnings and farewells. This year has brought immense growth, not only for my business but, more importantly, for me as an individual. Every event I attended taught me valuable lessons. Here are some powerful moments that I was fortunate enough to witness:

To the families who couldn’t bring their babies home, your memory will forever remain with me. I am grateful for the privilege of capturing images that I hope will be cherished until you are reunited with your children.

I will never forget the sheer elation of my client as she held her rainbow baby close to her chest, knowing that he was finally here.

Being the first person to learn about my client’s pregnancy made that moment extra special. The baby even turned to look in my direction before their mother was aware of it—a heartwarming surprise.

There is nothing more encouraging than hearing your three oldest children expressing their admiration for you just moments before meeting their new sibling. These kids are incredibly sweet.

This image showcases the strength and determination of a mother ready to meet her baby girl.

Witnessing the baby being born into their father’s hands and then placed on their mother’s chest was a truly beautiful way to enter the world.

This mother’s second VBAC and their first daughter—she’s already a daddy’s girl from the start.

One of my favorite things is being the first person to see those little eyebrows emerge.

After all the commotion settles and the room clears, family bonds start to grow and strengthen.

I don’t know who claimed that a cesarean birth is easier, but they are mistaken. That’s all I have to say about that.

Cesarean birth isn’t easy for anyone. This woman waits anxiously to be called back to see her wife again—it’s the longest 15 minutes of a partner’s life.

With each contraction, his touch provided physical comfort and the reassurance that he was there for her.

For her, worship music was the source of strength she needed during labor. Her family softly sang along, providing a soothing backdrop.

I don’t think there has ever been a more excited sibling than Jemma.

The combination of morning light, warm water, and a precious baby—nothing could be better.

Ever wondered how many people it takes to care for triplets? All three are now happy and healthy at home with their very proud mama.

With her determination and his unwavering support, together they could move mountains. They formed a strong team, and it was an honor to witness their journey.

BONUS! Celebrating my 50th birthday this year—5-O! Here’s to 2018, and may I be invited to witness even more incredible displays of strength, love, and happiness. May your 2018 be everything you have been working so hard for! Blessings!

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