Touching the Heart Moment as the Girl Meets Her Newborn with Tender Affection

The little girl took the newborn in her arms for the first time, and her mother took a camera and recorded her touching reaction.

Bree Miller lives in Reseda, California. This mother gave birth to her first child, a girl named Marley Rae.

Soon after she was born, Bree decided to introduce her to her family. She knew that these were going to be special moments, so she recorded each one with a camera.

That day two cousins came to meet the baby. Bree was holding and feeding the baby, and they looked at her with enthusiasm. They could hardly wait to take it into their own hands.

When Bree gave the baby to Tiffany, the girl was overwhelmed with emotion.

Her eyes became foggy when she looked at her cousin and then her tears came, because she could not contain her emotions. It really was a wonderful moment.

Check out this video for yourself in the link.

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