After ado pting 4 children, a mother becomes pregnant with quadruplets

Having children is like a miracle. When there are no children in the family, it is inferior. Every woman, when she marries, strives for motherhood.

The family of Jacob and Maria had no children for a long time. They despaired of waiting and decided to ado  pt.

At first, the young couple did not plan to have many children, they thought of ad  opting a girl.

But when they saw the twins, they could not separate them and took both of them into the family. The couple was truly happy.

Some time later they received a call from the children’s institution and were informed that the twins had an older brother and sister.

After Adopting 4 Siblings, Woman Who Didn't Think She Could Get Pregnant Births Miracle Quadruplets – Love What Matters

This news surprised Maria very much, she decided to think. Her good heart told her that it was impossible to separate brothers and sisters.

After talking with her husband, they decided to take the children into the family. So within a few months the young couple became a large family.

But the miracles didn’t end there. A year later Maria became pr  egnant. This news both delighted and shocked young parents.

Despite everything, they were happy with the replenishment. They had a boy. Five children require a lot of time, effort and attention,

Couple who adopted four children give birth to quadruplets just months later - Heart

but they coped. Jacob and Maria considered themselves a big family until the woman became pregnant again.

This time, she could not exactly guess what surprise awaited her. The couple was dumbfo unded when the doctors said they would have four babies.

This is just fantastic. Maria believes that God has rewarded them. They are not afraid of difficu  lties and are confident that they will be able to adequat ely raise all their children.

Now nine children are growing up in the family, four of which are adop  ted. However the parents do not see the difference, they love everyone equally and feel truly happy.

The family is thinking about buying a big house so that all the children have their own rooms and a place to play. It is not easy to support and care for such a large family, but Jacob does not

complain. On the contrary, he considers himself lucky.


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