Let’s be honest, she’s 13 but she already looks like a Superstar!

Singer Sarah James has the voice, the stage presence, and the personality, and she’s only thirteen.

The teenager wowed America’s Got Talent with her incredible rendition of Billie Eilish’s hit song, “Lovely.” I’m a huge Billie fan, but this kid sang this song better than the original. So many goosebumps. Her voice is so piercing and beautiful.

In effect. Sarah is a star in the making. Simon saw it clearly when he slammed the Golden Buzzer.

“We’ve heard a lot of singers over the years, but wow,” Simon said. “You have a real star glow that is truly unmistakable.”

Simon wasn’t kidding when he said she had a star aura: “I was completely under the spell of her performance. Sarah is incredibly talented, I enjoyed watching her and can’t wait to see her grow.”

Just looking at her facial expressions was crazy. It was strong and moving. The whole audience was on their feet.

“Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. We’ve heard a lot of singers over the years, but wow!” said Simon.

Continuing, Simon said her performance was “a moment I will never forget. And I want to make this moment a moment you will remember forever.

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