A mother hugs a stillborn child – after a few seconds, something incredible happens…

When a loving couple finds out that they will soon have a child, a sea of amazing emotions splashes out on them like a waterfall of happiness. They have been thinking about the baby for nine months and dreaming about his future. But each of the parents drives away thoughts that the child may have health problems. It’s too terrible to even think about!

A happy couple from Australia, Kate and David Ogg, have lived together for many years. One thing only darkened their lives – the absence of children. They tried many times to conceive a child, but nothing worked. What was their happiness when the doctors announced that Kate was supposedly going to have twins. The husband and wife were over the moon with happiness.

But the birth began at the 26th week, 14 weeks ahead of schedule. Husband and wife went to the hospital together. The husband decided to support Kate at a crucial moment in her life. The birth took place quickly enough, and the doctors informed the couple that they had become parents of a boy and a girl. The man was holding his wife’s hand and smiling happily. After 20 minutes, they began to realize that something bad was going on around them.

The whole group of doctors gathered next to the table where the boy was put. There was no sound coming from there. After a while, the chief among the doctors approached the parents. He asked what they planned to name their son. “Jamie,” the woman in labor replied. Then the doctor said that their Jamie failed and they lost him. The woman asked the doctors to put her son on her chest to say goodbye to him.

She offered her husband to take off his shirt and lie down next to him so that the baby could feel the warmth of both parents. They stroked his head, his tiny hands and talked to him. They called out to him and asked him to return to his parents! This went on for 2 hours. The doctors left the ward. And suddenly Kate felt her son take a breath.

After a few seconds, a tiny hand clamped on his father’s finger. The child miraculously came to life. When my father rushed to the doctors, they did not immediately believe him. But the fact turned out to be reality! Kate read about the amazing Kangaroo method for nursing premature babies, which maximizes the physical contact “skin to skin” of mom and baby.

During the “session”, children are kept on the open surface of the parent’s chest for one to several hours, which helps them adapt to the world around them and gain weight. Kate has read that this method gives amazing results. The happy woman believes that this method helped them to revive their son.

They are sure that their Jamie felt the warmth of parental protection, the sounds of loving hearts and therefore decided to return to them. Now the boy and his twin sister Emily are already 5 years old. And they love their little brother Charlie very much. Another amazing miracle in the Ogg family is a boy who was declared dead at birth, for 5 years of his life he never got sick.

Having received immense joy from the rescue of their son, the family is now engaged in charity work – they lead an online community that raises money for the care of premature and sick children. They say a mother’s love can work wonders. Love your children sick and healthy, always believe in their happy future and then it will definitely come! An incredible story, isn’t it?

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