One man shows a little girl with Down Syndrome the love that nobody else would

What would happen if 20 families, including your parents, said they don’t love you and don’t want you? All this happens during the next 13 days of your life.

When baby Alba was born, her parents decided they had to give her up. Twenty other future families insisted on the same thing. Children need love and warmth, but no one would spare all that for Alba.

Or so it seemed. Then a single Italian man named Luca appeared. It was common for him to deal with people with special needs, working in foster care and similar centers.

Luka seems to have his own special place in the lives of different people. Some may also perceive Kuka differently as a single gay man who really wanted to become a father.

Luca adopted Alba when she was only 13 days old at the time. In thirteen days he was rejected about twenty-one times, but he was accepted and loved by many people.

The story of Luca and Alba immediately went viral. Luca has written a book about his journey of adopting and living this little life that will one day realize what his new daddy really did for him.

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