The ‘Blue Twins’ made headlines all over the world thanks to their amazing eyes – and this is how they look today

Although twins are not something very rare, there are always people who are inquisitive and fascinated to see two different people who look exactly the same.

And that includes us too..

But the Megan and Morgan Boyd twins do not get looks from people just because they look the same. When they were 4 years old, they had eyes that looked like turquoise water – once documented on camera, their images spread on the internet like fire in a field of thorns

Megan and Morgan Boyd became famous as the ‘Blue Twins’ when they were just 4 years old, after the internet fell in love with photos their mother shared on Instagram.

While most moms and dads love to show off pictures of their little ones, the unique look of these twins has made headlines all over the world. They now have more than 184,000 followers on Instagram.

And it’s not hard to understand why, right?

The girls were born on June 6, 2011.

Stephanie, their mother, is the mastermind behind the girls’ nickname. She is the one who started calling them “Blue Twins” because of their special blue eyes.

If you want to know which of the girls is Megan and which is Morgan – then you have to look into their eyes.

Only Megan has two blue eyes. Morgan’s right eye is not blue, but dark brown so she looks different.

This is how the girls look today at the age of nine.

Many ordinary twins are used when they are dressed the same. And as you can see, so it is the case with the blue twins.

Stephanie said she likes to buy clothes for her daughters and keep their wardrobe up to date.

It is important to her that her daughters look and feel good.

Many followers were amazed by the rare eyes of the twins.

Some simply assume that blacks who have blue eyes go with lenses – but they can be born with a rare gene that gives them the color of blue eyes.

Stephanie, the mother of the blue twins was also born with blue eyes, and she says she does not wear lenses.

Although her daughters have become famous on the net, Stephanie keeps her feet on the ground.

She knows that Megan and Morgan’s natural beauty can lead to a modeling career – but she does not want to push her daughters into something they are not sure they will want to do. That sounds absolutely smart!

Everything points to these adorable sisters growing up and becoming beautiful women as well. Feel free to share the story if you feel the same way.

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