A 7-Year old kid asked the doctors to let him die. When I realized why I couldn’t stop crying

When sometimes we hear the words ‘Kids’ and ‘Sacrifice’ in the same sentence, we often think about the parents. Fathers and Mothers will give up everything they’ve got for their kids.

They invest time far beyond their daily jobs to help their kids with homework, invest money in their kids education, and they are always there to help in every second of the day.

But the next story is extremely special since the roles have switched – A 7 year old kid has made the ultimate sacrifice for his mother. Not only did he help saving her life, but he also touched the hearts of millions around the world.

When I finished reading this story I was left with tears in my eyes. It is that emotional.

Chen Xiatian was 5 years old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor

His mother, Zhou Lu, took care of him, treated him, and gave him all the support she could. But it didn’t last for long. A few months later she was diagnosed with a kidney disease.

The couple slept next to each other in the hospital for several years. Zhou needed a dialysis, and Chen needed to be taken care of around the clock.

The doctors thought that Chen will heal, but the cancer returned

Eventually the cancer got him blind and paralysed, but his mother wouldn’t give up..

.. but she had her own health issues to deal with. One of her kidneys weakened, and it was obvious for the doctors that only a kidney donation will save her life.

This was the moment the doctors made an intervention. They spoke with Zhou’s mother. “They told me that my grandson will not make it”, she told the DailyMail. “But his kidneys can save his mother’s life, and also save the lives of two more people”.

Zhou refused: “She wouldn’t even want to hear about that option”.

But the 7 year old kid, who heard about his mom’s thoughts, immediately insisted Zhou to accept his kidney. “Mom, I want to save your life”, he begged.

After many thoughts and considerations, broken hearted Zhou had to accept her son’s offer. Her only comfort was that her little son will keep living as a part of her.

A few days later, Chen passed away. The doctors brought him to the surgery room where they removed his kidneys and liver.

Before the medical procedure, the crew stood in a minute of silence, to the memory of Chen..

“The kidney transplant succeeded, and Zhou quickly healed. The doctors said it was a miracle”.

“Zhou’s life aren’t the only one Chen have saved. His right kidney was transplanted in a 21 year old female, and his liver was transplanted in a 27 year old male. Three lives were saved thanks to the little angel with the big heart”.

May you rest in peace, Chen.

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