3-year-old cuts her hair off. Her confession to Daddy is priceless

We all know that babies can throw some unconscious but pretty hard punches in the name of too much curiosity. Aren’t they just exploring everything that the outside world can provide them? I am sure that you also have many memories from your childhood and some stories that you can tell. Am I right?!

While all experiments with kids and toddlers are mostly joy and completely harmless, sometimes things can go awry, a little bit off in the wrong direction, this teenager ultimately learned an early lesson, but luckily no harm was actually done.

Kids have a tendency to copy everything they see in the adults around them. Sometimes it’s joyful, but sometimes things don’t work out the way their little imaginations had planned. Just look at the cute baby in this video. This video features a year old Ashley who has been quite experimental with her hair style.

This sweet and funnier video will make your day more interesting and fun. Other than that, you’ll be proud of how his father had everything under control. It’s ok dad… I’m this Father’s Day, he will be treated very well with his loving and happy family.

The little girl cut off almost all the hair she could reach. After all, he was what he is, well, just look carefully. I think he did a pretty nice job on that front. Very sporty. Ideal for summer in my opinion.

When asked why he actually did it, he said that the main reason was that Miss Jessica cut her hair and wanted to do the same. But in the end he was exactly what he asked to break me.You absolutely have to watch the whole video in order to know and get a full idea about it.

Please watch and share baby Ashleigh’s adorable reaction! I’m sure if you are a teenager back home, you can relate to that.

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