A baby was born with snow-white hair, when the doctors told the mother the reason, she was left speechless

When the baby boy Bence came into the world, his parents were left in shock.

The reason? Their beloved son’s hair was snow white.

Bence’s parents immediately assumed that their child was an albino.

But her son’s doctor had a different message for them..

Every year millions of children are born and each one is unique.

Their skin tone is different, their eye color is different, and their hair color and character are different – each baby is a blessing in itself.

But about 5 out of 100,000 babies are born albino. Albinism is a recessive inherited disease that causes a lack of pigmentation in the eyes, skin and hair.

When Bence was born in Hungary, he came out very large weighing over 5 kg, and 55 cm long.

But still, his parents could not believe their eyes – because Bence was born with a head full of snow-white hair.

They were worried, and believed something was wrong and that their child was sick.

They were convinced that their child was albino. And although albinism is not dangerous, albinos often suffer from harassment and abuse of one kind or another.

Bence’s doctors took a blood sample, and after a few days they had an answer for the worried parents.

The truth was that Bence was completely normal. He was not an albino – he just had extremely light hair. Doctors believe that his hair will become darker with age.

“It is a local and temporary lack of pigmentation, the child’s hair will be darker over the years”, the doctors explained to a local newspaper.

One possible reason for a child’s white hair is that he suffers from a temporary lack of pigmentation. People who suffer from it are born with bright skin and white hair, but over time the skin and hair become darker.

Bence’s parents breathed a sigh of relief – their little treasure is perfectly healthy. In addition, he had abundant white hair.

Bence’s photos went viral, and he was nicknamed the ‘Prince Charming’. Really sweet and the nickname definitely fits.

This kid is so special. What an amazing hair. He is definitely blessed!

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