The funniest naughty babies will give you a lot of laughter…

“Restless, naughty, ill-mannered – in a word, a difficult child.” How often do we hear such words from parents, educators and teachers! “Difficult” children become a “nightmare” of the children’s team and “terrorize” everyone around: both adults and children. Parents are already tired of fighting their stubbornness and self-will, and teachers are counting the days when the “difficult” child will finally graduate from kindergarten or school.

Parents indulge their son or daughter in everything, fulfill any of his or her desires. This situation often develops when the child is the only one in the family or long-awaited. As a result, he gets used to being the center of the universe and does not respond to any prohibitions and restrictions on the part of adults.

In addition to the mistakes of parents in raising a child, there are other reasons why a calm and obedient child suddenly begins to behave badly:

When mom and dad are constantly at work, the child sees them only in the morning and in the evening, he often lacks their love and care. And on weekends, many parents leave their children with their grandparents, doing the accumulated household chores.

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