Two incredible ice skaters squeak by a win to take the Skate America crown

Hubbell does it again with her incredible grace on the ice. She is still one of the most talented ice skaters to ever live.

Madison Hubbell is already a household name. She has won several times and is considered one of the best skaters of her generation. But this time was different and may define the rest of her career.

Madison and Zachary Donohue teamed up for Skate America. They did everything right, but the competition was tough.

They had one routine left and were clearly out of first place. They remained professional and kept their composure long enough to complete a flawless routine. The free dance was done to the wonderful melody of ‘Hallelujah’.

It was beautiful, with a calmness that chilled the entire ice. When the judges scored, it put the duo in the first place.

They ended up winning the competition and taking home the Skate America crown. This is a team that left it all on the ice when it counted the most. It’s a lesson to never give up, and always work for what you deserve.

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