Grandma ‘Falls Out Of Wheelchair’ Repeatedly So Family Installs A Camera To Find Out If Nurses Are Lying

Minnie Graham had been living at a nursing home in Garland, Texas for a few years when she began to tell her family there were problems there. The 98-year-old great-great-grandmother told members of her family she was being mistreated by staff members at the nursing home. She said that one worker assigned to care for her was even crueler than the others.

Not long after, there were multiple bruises on Minnie’s body and she had a black eye. Her family made a trip to the nursing home in search of answers. Workers at the nursing home told family members Minnie fell out of her wheelchair. They cited the fall as the reason for the sudden injuries suffered by the 98-year-old. Minnie’s granddaughters, however, were not buying the story.

Minnie’s family was determined to find out what was happening to her. They decided to put a clock in Minnie’s room that had a hidden camera attached to it. The family watched the camera and waited for an answer to what was happening to Minnie. They soon learned the answer to the mystery and it left them both horrified and disgusted.

A hospice worker assigned to Minnie, Brenda Tiller, entered the 98-year-old woman’s room one night and began to get both violent and aggressive with Minnie. She pulled on Minnie’s arm in a violent way and then dropped the old woman back onto the bed. When Minnie showed resistance to the attack, she was slapped repeatedly in the face.

Tiller taunted the old woman and cursed at her. She then stuck a towel in the woman’s mouth that she had used to wash her body. Tiller was not the only staff member at the nursing home who assaulted Minnie. A male worker named Louis also struck the old woman and was seen on camera pinching her.

The family did some research and learned their case was not an isolated one. What is worse, government organizations entrusted with overseeing the safety of nursing home residents did not offer much help. Minnie died about a month following the video recording of her abuse. Her granddaughters are certain the mistreatment affected Minnie’s will to live.

What did you think about this story? Did the video of Minnie’s abuse make you angry? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and pass this article along to your friends and family – Everyone should be aware of this problem.

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