Darci Lynne’s greatest performances over the years will make you smile

On October 12th, 2004, Darci Lynne Farmer was born in Oklahoma. She is credited with reviving ventriloquism in recent years. Lynne rose to fame after appearing on ‘Little Big Shots’ in 2016 and then winning the 12th season of ‘America’s Got Talent.’

She first saw ventriloquism while at a church event, and she decided she wanted to pursue it. She asked her parents for a puppet to help her overcome her shyness.

On her tenth birthday, her parents surprised her with a puppet. She took lessons to develop her skills, which paid off because Darci became an overnight success after the ‘AGT’ audience fell in love with her routine.

When 12-year-old Darci Lynne walked on stage at ‘America’s Got Talent’ a few years ago, she had a little help from a friend. Darci brought along ‘Petunia,’ her ventriloquist bunny, to entertain the judges and audience.

Simon asks them why they both decided to enter the show. She tells him that it was one of her big dreams, and she wants to keep ventriloquism alive because it’s not common.

What happens next shocks everyone! Darci and Petunia start singing a beautiful rendition of ‘Summertime.’ Even though her mouth appears to be completely closed the entire time, her sound is fantastic.

Judge Mel B. says, ‘You made my heart melt. You were brilliant! I’m trying to describe how amazing it was.’ She pauses briefly and says, ‘You know what…’ She jumps out of her seat and slams the Golden Buzzer. Darci went on to win Season 12 of ‘AGT.’ After ‘AGT,’ she has been on TV shows and even launched a tour with her act.

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