“I lost 408 kg and left my husband”: how the most complete woman on the planet lives today

About 10 years ago, the weight of our today’s heroine beat all records. The Mexican woman was rightfully considered the most complete woman on the planet, and her weight was about 500 kg. Since that time, her life has changed a lot.

In the example of Myra, it was clear what can happen to a person if he stops taking care of himself. However, over the years, she managed to achieve incredible results.

They say that people get used to everything. Myra, too, got used to the lifestyle and her weight. She did not leave the apartment, because she could not move without the help of her husband. By the way, he had to constantly massage his wife, as her body was too swollen.

And the most interesting thing is that until a certain moment the woman was not going to do anything. She thought about her excess weight only when a very unpleasant story happened to her. So, Myra called the police station and said that she crushed her nephew with her hand.

Unfortunately, the boy passed away. As it turned out later, Myra was not to blame at all. This is all her sister, who simply persuaded the woman to confess to her deed. She referred to the fact that because of the excess weight she would not be anything.

Such events led Myra to begin to take care of herself. To begin with, she did several operations at once, which helped her get rid of 200 kg at once.

In the future, she began to play sports, and competent nutritionists monitored her nutrition. So, our heroine managed to achieve incredible results. During this time, she lost a little more than 400 kilograms of excess weight.

By the way, Myra also stated that she left her husband, who had been caring for her all these years. For this, she is often condemned, but the woman herself refuses to tell for what reasons this happened. At the same time, our heroine notes that she and her ex-husband remained on friendly terms!

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