68-year-old Kiev woman moved to Zanzibar: how a mixed couple lives now

«To the end of the world for your beloved» — these words are the best fit for our today’s heroine, who at the age of 68 left for her beloved in Zanzibar. Ukrainian Lydia Yatsuk was a widow, she was engaged in raising her grandchildren and housekeeping, when fate brought her together with young Jabbar.

The young man studied in Kyiv and spoke Ukrainian well. At first, the couple communicated through social networks, she was delighted with the educated and gallant young man and even invited him to her place.

Soon the young Zanzibar realized that he had fallen in love with a woman who was older than him. Lydia herself did not understand how she fell in love with a foreigner. She decided to go to his homeland for her beloved. Of course, the children were against it, but Lidia sold the apartment and left for Zanzibar.

The son and daughter were left offended, because Lydia left them without an inheritance. Today a woman lives in a foreign land and enjoys a warm climate. She helps her young husband financially by embroidering. Of the relatives, only granddaughter Asya visits Lydia.

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