Newborn Twins Battle Over A Pacifier With Adorably Funny Results

Newborn babies can fill your lives with joy and happiness. Their innocent smiles can light up your day, and their sorrows can make anybody feel sad. However, if you have a twin baby at home, your share of joy doubles up immediately.

Twin babies don’t just look similar; they also tend to fight with each other over trivial matters. Recently, a twin babies’ fight over a pacifier gained much popularity online. The two babies were lying together with a pacifier in one of the twins’ mouths.

The baby with the pacifier peacefully sucked at it. At the same time, the other twin moved his hands around, frantically trying to get the pacifier in his mouth. Finally, he cried a bit and tried to pull the pacifier from his twin brother’s mouth. Unfortunately, this made the twin baby with the pacifier cry in a complaining tone.

The second twin managed to get a part of the pacifier in his mouth, which ultimately made his twin brother lose it completely. Again, he started crying, and this time the other twin sucked at the other end of the pacifier peacefully.

Babies love to suck at different things, such as thumbs or fingers. The reason behind this habit is their strong sucking reflex. Sucking helps them to relax and has a calming effect on their minds.

Many experts believe that using a pacifier to help babies suck can be good and bad at the same time. It can act as a temporary distraction to stop a baby from crying after shots. Pacifiers can also help babies ignore any form of discomfort during flights.

However, there are negative aspects to using a pacifier, as well. For example, the use of a pacifier may interfere with breastfeeding. In addition, prolonged usage of pacifiers might give rise to dental issues. Thus, using pacifiers for babies should be minimal during emergencies.

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