Two former beauty queens got married: this is their love story

An amazing love story
This is how Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico wrote their love story; one that has gone viral on social media.

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico got married
In 2022, they sealed this love with a wedding. Miss Argentina, Mariana Varela, and Miss Puerto Rico, Fabiola Valentín, announced on their social media that they had gotten married in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“After deciding to keep our relationship private, we opened our doors to you on a special day. 28/10/22.”

They met at Miss Grand International 2020
The two models and beauty queens had met at the Miss Grand International contest in 2020, the newspaper El Comercio reports. Due to the pandemic, that pageant was held in 2021. Mariana and Fabiola were among the ten semifinalists at the contest in Thailand.

‘Love u girls’
And a few days after the final, Mariana shared a photo in which she appears with several of the contestants she met. Fabiola was among them. “Life brought together special people and made unforgettable moments,” she wrote. “May these moments not remain in history and be repeated again. Love u girls.”

She missed Fabiola
A month later, in April 2021, Mariana shared a couple of photos and videos in which she appeared with Fabiola. She commented that she missed her.

Fabiola missed Mariana too
And Fabiola also dedicated a message to her: “One of the great gifts in this experience was your friendship, walking this road with you was a special and real one. I miss you, my girl Mariana,” Fabiola wrote to her friend in April 2021.

Just a friendship?
The models and influencers began to give clues on their social media about a possible love story between them. However, they never confirmed anything. Instead, they kept speaking of a great friendship between them.

A Christmas in Puerto Rico
According to their posts, Fabiola and Mariana spent the end of the year 2021 together in Puerto Rico.

“Life brought us together again! It was a long wait, but the great moments we get to create will always be greater. How sad to have to see you later again, but how blessed I am to have a being in my life like you Mariana,” Fabiola wrote in January. “I LOVE YOU.”

Mariana denies the relationship
While followers of the two women started to assume they were a couple, Mariana denied that fact on December 27, 2021 – right after the Christmas celebration.

A summer together
Then, in August, they shared photos together again. “A summer with you,” they wrote, suggesting more and more that there was a love relationship between them.

The marriage announcement
Finally, in October 2022, the two beauty queens decided to publicly reveal that they had gotten married. They appeared very happy in the images of their engagement and wedding.

An amazing love story
This is how Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico wrote their love story; one that has gone viral on social media.

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