Little Laura Milczarek moved all the seats with the song “Shotgun” The Voice Kids Poland

Laura Milczarek is a participant in the fifth edition of The Voice Kids, which you should pay attention to. Her voice caused a great stir among the coaches and everyone wanted her in their team.

Laura Milczarek is 9 years old. He lives in Zgierz. As we read on the city profile, she is Julia Szwajcer’s student, honing her skills on a daily basis thanks to her work at Talent Kolektyw.

“She is an energetic girl with a big heart. She started her adventure with the stage in kindergarten. She feels confident and at ease on the stage. She loves acting and dancing. She is very sensitive to harm to people and animals. performs, is by her. He loves sports, in particular playing tennis and roller skating “- we read on Facebook.

“It was a great performance !!! And that voice !!!!!!!!!!!! I am impressed, congratulations and cheering !!! The girl turned all the seats away, but chose Dawid Kwiatkowski’s team. further appearances in The Voice Kids “- this is one of the opinions on Facebook of Talent Kolektyw.

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