The Battles: Aydan Calafiore v Madi Krstevski ‘Uptown Funk’ | The Voice Australia

Aydan and Madi join their powerhouse vocals and bust a move in a dynamic Bruno Mars duet.

The music industry is very competitive, with so many people fighting for the same dream, everything is a competition. These two artists from The Voice Australia are fighting over who is the best performer. They both showcase their incredible talents in the magnificent duo.

Aydan Calafiore vs Madi krstevski was an epic duet episode on The Voice Australia. Both contestants sang “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. Each artist had to do their best to outperform the competitor. With only one show remaining until the live round, it all came down to who could stand out for the judges in this talented one-on-one.

The performance begins with both contestants showing off their vocal ability, you can see how much they want it right from the start!

When the music starts, the stage lights up with an incredible blue special effect and the two performers come out from opposite corners to see who the better artist is.

“Uptown Funk”. Performers on The Voice Australia, knock the whole family down with this competitive duet

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