3 Year Old Helps Deliver Baby Brother Aпd Welcomes Him Iпto The World With Skiп To Skiп Coпtact

Rebecca, a mother of two in the United States, decided to have her baby at home and involve her 3-year-old daughter, Hunter, in the process.

Assisted by her doula and a birth photographer, Rebecca gave birth to her son Rory on her living room couch. Rebecca explained that she wanted Hunter to be as involved as she wanted and not have to be away from her. During labor, Hunter was brought into the room and was reserved at first, but became more involved as the process went on.

The midwife even invited Hunter to be the first to touch her new brother. Rebecca justified her decision to involve her daughter in the process, saying it allowed her to develop strong ties with her brother.

The birth photographer explained that Rebecca talked a lot with Hunter about what she would see or hear during the birth so that she wouldn’t be scared. She also suggests showing children birth videos and teaching them from the beginning that birth is nothing to fear. Hunter was able to cheer and support her mother throughout the birth.

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