King Charles was ‘crushed’ by Harry and Meghan’s announcement – the couple kept the secret from him

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story commenced with an unpretentious one-hour date in London, marking the beginning of a relationship that would soon be thrust into the public eye.

In 2016, as the media swiftly disseminated stories about the blossoming connection between Harry and Meghan, Buckingham Palace recognized the necessity to intervene and manage the narrative. However, the approach taken by the Palace to introduce their relationship to the public had an unexpected and adverse impact, particularly on then-Prince Charles, who reportedly felt ‘crushed’ by the startling revelations.

The couple swiftly transitioned into a more formal dating phase, culminating in their union in 2018 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. At the time, many anticipated that Harry and Meghan would represent the future face of the British Royal Family, a prediction that has since proven to be significantly off course.

Far from enjoying a tranquil and private relationship, Harry and Meghan have found themselves consistently under the spotlight since the inception of their romance. While media scrutiny played a role, the couple has been proactive in sharing their narrative through interviews, podcasts, a Netflix documentary series, and Harry’s forthcoming memoir, “Spare.”

The initial stages of Harry and Meghan’s relationship were, as often is the case, a period of uninterrupted happiness. Yet, despite the creation of a beautiful family of four, they navigated through various challenges. In the initial phase, they maintained an extraordinary level of privacy, with even now-King Charles being unaware of their relationship.

Last December, the couple released a Netflix documentary series, providing an in-depth account of their journey. Prince Harry revealed that Meghan initially caught his eye on Instagram, featured in a friend’s video adorned with dog ears. Although Prince Charles expressed disappointment in the timing of the revelation, he acknowledged the couple’s need to share their relationship news amidst the media scrutiny, similar to the challenges faced by William and Kate.

In a 2019 ITV interview, Meghan disclosed that friends had cautioned her against marrying Harry due to the anticipated media scrutiny. Despite the obstacles, Harry and Meghan’s love deepened, prompting Harry to sever ties with those who criticized their relationship. Buckingham Palace even had to issue a statement on Harry’s behalf regarding the “abuse and harassment” directed at Meghan. Despite their strained relationship with the royals post-exit, their love story remains etched as a whirlwind romance that captivated the world.

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