World champion dancers light up floor with “Boogie” dance to classic rock hit

I think I’m going to watch this every morning, they made my day.

Doesn’t matter if you’re not a big fan of dancing. It is always fun to watch Sondre Olsen-Bye and Tanya Georgiievska when they take to the dance floor for one of their Boogie Woogie performances.

Now the dance isn’t always done to the music of the same name.

More often than not, dancers choose upbeat rock and roll songs for their number.

It looks easy but it really is not.

Sondre and Tanya have been at it together since 2015, while the dance goes all the way back to the mid fifties.

It was originally inspired by American Rock ‘n’ Roll and Lindy Hop dancing of the era, but soon found a bit of European flavor and personality.

Boogie Woogie is a dance meant to be playful.

Couples can improvise with medium or slightly fast paced music, with footwork so fun to watch it leaves you shaking your head.

It is usually a social dance but is a favorite in competitions.

These two don’t seem to run out of breath!

And it really makes one smile watching such a fun, well coordinated dance.

No wonder Sondre and Tanya are crowd favorites. It’s not just their fantastic dancing.

They always leave their audience smiling!

Watch and enjoy this awesome dance below!

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