The Soldiers’ Chorus of The United States Army Field Band performs “America: My Country, ‘Tis of Thee”

When someone thinks about a chorus, they often imagine a church choir or group of Christmas carolers. But have you ever considered an ensemble made up of American soldiers?

This chorus is unlike any other in the world, going by The Soldiers’ Chorus. This chorus is made up of true American patriots that sing about the country.

In this video, they sing “America: My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” in a lovely way. Standing tall and substantial, this choir group shows their raw talent and patriotism through music.

With genius harmonization and perfect vocal expression, this group truly makes excellent music. It’s music like this that can lift spirits and build patriotism.

When patriotism matters most, this choir reminds us what it means to be an American and how you can show love for your country and the soldiers who have died for us.

Made up of various women and men of different ages and cultures, this choir is an all-encompassing musical form that accurately represents the American people.

When you see a choir that sings this well, it can shake you to your bones. Especially when they stand for patriotism and being united, you can not help but fall in love with this performance.

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