Stunning aerialist performance on AGT turns heads, wins hearts

Recently, AGT released a sneak peek about a stunning aerial act performed by a pair. The group Duo Mico had two team members, Caroline from Boston, Massachusetts, and Max, who hailed from Montreal.

The talented aerialists showcased a unique act that stunned the AGT judges and audience, Season 17. As soon as the two contestants got on stage, they could hear the crowd applauding them, which undoubtedly caught the judges’ attention.

Caroline spoke to the judges and told them about her prior experience on the AGT stage. She stated that she and her husband, Jonathan Rinny, were on the AGT stage on Season 12 with their particular balancing act.

When judge Simon Cowell asked Caroline what made their act different, the talented aerialist replied, “It took us a whole year to make all of our own original sequences. And I think the way we will do this act will be different from what you’ve seen before.”

As they began their performance, an upbeat number, Will You Fight by Klergy & Beginners, played in the backdrop. Then, the duo did flips and turns, which stunned everyone. Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum looked noticeably stunned by the aerial act.

The most important aspect of the aerial act was that the contestants were suspended in the air with no nets to protect them. At the show’s end, Caroline performed a death drop into Max’s arms, leaving the judges speechless.

Howie Mandel could be heard saying, “I’ve never seen that before.” The aerial was a very fast-paced act that had a lot of thrilling aspects. This made their performance indeed lovable. It seemed their show would receive 4 “yeses” from the judges sending them to the next round.

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