Three brothers make plea to be adopted together so they can remain a family

They’ve already been split up before and they don’t want to be split up again.

All children will long for a parent’s love and care.
These kids can’t face the world on their own. They need a home, a family to take care of them, and to feel love.

Sadly, many children are staying in orphanages and foster homes. Each child wishes that one day, a family will welcome them.

In Round Rock, Texas, KVUE’s Hannah Rucker met three beautiful boys named Aiden, William (a.k.a Bobby), and Marshall.

The resemblance between the three boys is undeniable. You’d think they are triplets, but Bobby is one year older than his brothers, at 11 years old. Aiden and Marshall are twins and are 10 years old.

The brothers love to play, and when you see them, they are lively, funny, and cute.

Another adorable fact about the three boys is that they love “The Three Stooges” and yes, you’ve guessed it right. Their nicknames are Larry, Moe, and Curly.

They are not just brothers; they are best friends.
Even though the boys are always giggling and playing around, you can see a glimpse of sadness in the boys’ eyes.

Hannah set up a meeting with the trio at the Gattitown in Round Rock. It is a place where the kids could enjoy endless games, a yummy buffet, and even a movie room.

After playing, the three boys sat down with Hannah to rest.
The TV correspondent asked Marshall, Bobby, and Aiden what they mean to each other.

“They mean love,” Aiden answered first.

“They mean friendship to me,” Marshall followed.

“They’re good Halloween candy-eating brothers. I had this whole bag of Halloween candy and almost all of it was gone. And so, I blamed them,” Bobby explained.

You can see how much they mean to each other.

Aiden was brave enough to talk about the actual situation. The young boy said that they are tired of living at The Ranch.
They are grateful for the care that The Ranch has given them. It’s a home for at-risk kids in foster care. The trio knows how much the organization has done for them, but they want to be in a family – together.

“We want a family,” Aiden said to Hannah. “I’ve been at The Ranch way longer than Marshall and Bobby. I’ve been here for three years. I have to move from one house to another.”

According to Aiden, Bobby was the last one to enter The Ranch.

In their profiles, Bobby is said to be a personable boy, but can also be quiet and reserved. Aiden is vibrant and smart. He’s also the leader of the duo and is also very competitive. Marshall is gifted with a creative imagination and is fun-loving.

On their Heart Gallery Texas page, it says that:

“The boys will best benefit from a two-parent home with a mom and a dad and no other children. Their forever family will be dedicated to the boys and will stress the importance of the sibling relationship.”

We think there’s a family out there that would be perfect for Aiden, Marshall, and Bobby, a family to take them in and make them feel loved.

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