Infant Creeps Up On Huge Husky — Entire Internet Obsessed With Dog’s Reaction

A lovable video of a very small child attempting to sneak up on his family’s pet husky has gone viral, and it couldn’t be more precious. The small baby gently crawls up to the husky in his diaper, clearly intrigued by the gracious animal.

Gradually, he attempts to pet and poke the husky while still maintaining balance in his crawl stands. The imposing looks emotionless as the baby keeps on petting the huge dog’s fur and nose. While we really can’t follow the beginning of the video, we tracked down it on the web and cherished it!

This video shows exactly the way in which exceptional a bond can be between an individual and a little guy, regardless of whether that individual is under a year old. How extraordinary is your bond with your shaggy companion? Let us know if you would feel happy with letting your little one around such an enormous dog, regardless of whether that dog is pretty much as amazingly sweet as this one!

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