Guests start screaming as the seductive mother-son duo pull off a jaw-dropping routine at the wedding

Marriage is one of the most important events in a person’s life. When it comes to planning a wedding, no one feels more responsible than the bride and groom.

For every detail you need to think through and organize correctly, where the wedding will take place, what dress will the bride wear, make a guest list, etc.

Choreographic dances

A big role in the wedding is also played by the choice of wedding music and dance.

According to the assistant director of Ajna Reba Brown, a dance company that specializes in creating wedding dances, there are at least four different types of dances.

The wedding dance, familiar to everyone for a long time, is the first dance of the newlyweds. But there are other types of wedding dances that not everyone knows, and you will not come across very often at weddings with such dances.

One of the dances is the parent dance. In other words, the bride and groom dance with their parents. Usually it was a dance between father and daughter, but nowadays the bride and groom dance with their parents.

Next comes the anniversary dance, in which couples who have been married the longest. And the last money dance, during which the guests dance with the newlyweds and shower them with money.

We all have a stereotype that the parenting dance is boring. Maybe an old fashioned waltz or something like that.

But there are parents for whom the wedding day dance with a child is very important. They are very serious and make efforts to study dance.

This is why they often hire a choreographer to organize a special dance especially for them.

Here is this beautiful dance performed by mother and son.

Wedding guests will surely remember this dance for a long time.

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