Nurse Puts Dying Baby Next to Her Twin, This ‘Hug’ Results in a Miracle

The Hug That Change Medicine
Premature twins placed together, saved by sibling hug.
The power of touch has always been a huge healing factor, but the world of medicine did not really factor in this touch –to-touch healing over two decades ago in various cases. A pair of twins was born twelve weeks premature on October 17th, 1995 and they were kept under observation in a hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts. Although they were looking healthy, the new parents were warned that things could change within a 48 – 72 hour period.

And sure enough, one twin soon had trouble breathing when she turned three weeks old and her heartbeat started racing with her oxygen levels also dropping rapidly, causing her to turn blue. One nurse had the idea to put the stronger twin in with the weaker one, and what happened next amazed everyone.

The stronger twin put her arm over the weaker one, giving her a hug. Soon the weaker twin started breathing normally and everything returned to normal. A simple hug worked where everything else was failing. This proved the healing power of touch. Now skin to skin touch has proved to be beneficial when dealing even with only 23-week babies, as they respond to the one they hold dear.

From weighing only two pounds to becoming strong young women off to college, the Jackson twins have come a long way. This simple hug helped to change medicine and ‘Kangaroo Care’ has grown in popularity over the years. These twins have made history, and this story is one of the cutest I’ve ever read.

So now you know, hugs are so powerful – they have the power to heal. So go ahead, give someone a hug today – you never know who you could be healing. SHARE this video to spread the joys and importance of giving hugs. What did you think of this powerful story? Did it move you? Write in and let us know in the comments section below.

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