2-month-old says, “I love you,” has mom over the moon

Capturing a baby’s first words is an extraordinary milestone for any parent, a moment filled with sheer delight. Around the sixth month of a child’s life, most parents eagerly anticipate those early attempts at speech, often in the form of baby’s attempts at pronouncing ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad,’ or expressing desires like a bottle of milk or a cherished toy.

These early words may sometimes be a mix of sounds, noises, and cries, all conveying various needs and emotions.

However, a recent YouTube video has left viewers amazed as an 8-week-old baby astonishingly repeats the words ‘I love you’ after its mother. The mother, keen on preserving this precious moment, captured it with her camera.

Engaging in a small conversation with her little daughter about past Christmases, the mother witnessed her baby respond with cheerful babbling and a heartwarming smile. While some might debate the significance of this interaction, to the mother, it was a profoundly touching experience shared with her daughter, one she was grateful to have recorded.

Frequent interactions, such as talking and sharing joyful moments with your baby while making eye contact, play a crucial role in nurturing their language and listening skills. Encouraging dialogue with your child during daily activities at home can contribute significantly to their intellectual development.

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