A Toddler’s Hilarious Potty Training Conversation That Brings Tears of Laughter to Dad

“Raising Children: The Joy of Parenthood and Matty’s Hilarious Potty-Training Tale

For many, parenthood is a source of unparalleled happiness, despite its challenges and emotional rollercoasters. Most parents would undoubtedly agree that the journey is worth every moment.

The parents of a toddler named Matty certainly resonate with this sentiment. Matty brings immense joy to their lives, and his infectious sense of humor only adds to the delight. A memorable moment unfolded during a potty-training session back in October 2019, which Matty’s mom couldn’t resist capturing on camera.

Seated confidently on the toilet, young Matty amusingly corrected his dad, insisting that he wasn’t doing number two; he was only peeing. His dad, a bit baffled, asked, ‘You didn’t poop?’ Matty took it upon himself to correct his dad’s misunderstanding multiple times, eliciting tears of laughter from his father, who struggled to contain his amusement.

Matty, ever the concerned son, inquired whether his daddy was sad. His dad clarified, ‘No, I’m not sad. I’m trying so hard not to laugh that I’m crying.’

Reassured that his dad was fine, Matty continued to proudly assert, ‘I didn’t poop; I peed!’ with an infectious smile. In response, his dad gave him an enthusiastic high-five. Way to go, Matty!

When the video was shared on Facebook by Matty’s mom, Dani DeVito, it quickly went viral, amassing over 29 million views, 800,000 shares, and 140,000 comments. Viewers couldn’t help but adore and appreciate the adorable and funny young Matty.

One commenter noted, ‘Sooo cute, and I think that little boy will actually get a big kick out of it when he sees it when he grows up. We all have one of those moments!’

Another person reflected on the fleeting nature of childhood and the value of capturing such precious moments: ‘Where does the time go. I wish time was slower than it is. What a moment to cherish.’

Undoubtedly, the DeVito family will revisit this heartwarming video many times over the years—it’s simply too cute to resist!”

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