Vocal prodigy leaves ‘Got Talent’ judges in a daze, “She is not normal!”

When this young girl gave her rendition of «Nessun Dorma,» Holland witnessed a sensational and unforgettable opera performance that would undoubtedly make Giacomo Puccini proud.

The name that immediately comes to mind when we hear «nessun dorma» is Luciano Pavarotti, a legendary opera tenor. However, when Amira Willighagen took the stage and unleashed her sonorous and angelic voice, the song took on a whole new dimension.

The opening lines of the song resonated with a deep, velvety tone as Amira raised her arms, gracefully controlling her breath.

As she approached the third verse, it felt as though a celestial choir had descended to support her. In that very moment, both the judges and the entire audience were left in awe by the heavenly backing that accompanied her in the third verse.

Amira captivated everyone with her performance, and her harmonious voice filled the stage. Every second was hers, every word seemed to be in perfect harmony with her singing.

In a poignant closing, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, preparing for her final crescendo, leaving the audience utterly speechless. She poured her heart and soul into every note, earning her a resounding ovation.

Amira Willighagen emerged as the clear winner of the finals on «Holland’s Got Talent 2013.» Her performance was a testament to her remarkable talent, as she sang with unwavering passion and dedication.

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