Man Creats Amazing Chainsaw Wood Carving of Native American Woman

Many sculptors, including the legendary and well-known Michelangelo, have compared sculpture with everything that is already present in that material. That’s exactly what Vlad Drasch seems to be doing in this beautiful masterpiece of art.

As always, the creator’s work first began with a rough plan on paper, which in turn he transferred to a blank notebook. He then attached his inspiration plan to the tree below where his carving would be done.

Now was the time for him to fully prepare. Thanks to safety glasses, earplugs and protective gloves, Vlad was able to climb up to the log and use an ax to tear off pieces of wood.

Woodcarving on this scale is not for those looking for a relaxing pastime. After watching this video, it becomes clearer and more obvious that wood carving is as much a test and art of artistic ability as physical endurance.

After completing the initial cut, he fired his chain and began carving. At first it looked like he was carving random pieces of wood, but when the picture disappeared, the work began to gradually take shape.

Sawdust and wood chips collected at the sculptor’s feet, the Native American woman, her horse and eagle began to gradually emerge from the wood. With the final look already complete, it was time to go inside to touch the finish line.

The result of this skillfully crafted piece is simply stunning. When the defect was already applied, it seemed that the case was alive. This project is one process you won’t want to miss out on.

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