Family band stirs hearts with their beautiful rendition of Beatles classic

Their voices are so heavenly and perfect for this song.

Music brings us all together, just like our love for family.

And for the Petersens, these two things make their family band unique. The Petersens is a band composed of members of the Petersen family and one “honorary” member, a close friend.

The Petersens have shared on their website that their music is inspired by American roots music that “lifts you up and brings us all closer together.”

The family of musicians is made up of four children named Katie, Ellen, Matt, and Julianne. Of course, their Mom, Karen, and Dad, John, are also part of the band.

Everyone in the family is a talented musician and more.

Katie is the musical leader and the oldest among the siblings. She is a songwriter and the musical leader of the band. She is also a violinist.

On the other hand, Ellen is the second eldest and the Director of Marketing. She has graduated and earned her MBA at Missouri State University. She plays the Banjo, by the way.

The Beatles would be proud of their beautiful rendition of the classic song.

Their take on the song is quite unique and matched with their signature touch, this family kept the song alive and amazing.

Are you excited to watch their incredible performance? Watch the video below and be wowed!

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