Whitney Houston welcomed back United States soldiers returning from the Gulf War in style

Influenced by iconic pop music, Whitney Houston performed for United States soldiers returning from the Gulf War in style with a stunning and inspiring live performance and speech from the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Virginia.

Delivering a ferocious and powerful onslaught of her greatest hits for American Heroes, Whitney Houston simply wowed with a captivating and unique live performance of the hard-hitting single ‘All The Man That I Need’.

A powerful single from the legendary artist’s third studio album, I’m Your Baby Tonight. A wonderful and stunning performance in which Whitney Houston wore a stunning red dress as she performed against a backdrop of seasoned singers and outstanding instrumentalists and audience members.

Performing the percussive single with passion and a wide range of emotions, Whitney Houston completely managed to bring herself to the crowd of 3,500 servicemen and women as the group smiled, cheered and simply inspired all around.

Whitney Houston still continued to prove how amazing and incredible her real live performer was. Expressing despair, hope and love on stage very easily. Whitney showed off her incredible and amazing yet understated dance moves to create a little craze.

Whitney Houston’s “Welcome Home Heroes” live on HBO was a triumphant and important display of patriotic spirit, so it was only fitting that Whitney celebrate the brave men and women with an inspiring and live performance of the hit song.

Whitney Houston’s “All The Man That I Need” is a sensational and boisterous R&B single that continues to stand the test of time. Another chart-topping achievement for the singer, continuing his legacy as a chart-topper and recognized top performer.

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