Mother told her son to dress up as ‘his favorite hero’ for Halloween: now his costume left everyone in tears

Halloween is a magical time for kids as they can escape into a fun world for an entire day and dress up as something completely different, not to mention the sweets they get and enjoy.

There are usually regular costumes for kids, depending on what’s popular that year, for most boys it will be a superhero, a cartoon series character or maybe a zombie.

But one kid knew exactly what he wanted to dress up like and it was not a costume that could be bought in a store.

“We left two costume shops empty-handed, he did not want to buy any of the costumes”, wrote Imgur user BScribbs about her son.

“On Sunday night, I told him to pick his favorite hero and I would make him the costume the next day”, she added.

When it came time for a trick-or-treat, his mother wrote: “No one knew what my son dressed up to, and it did not bother him”.

When his mom asked him what he wanted to dress up as for Halloween, the boy’s eyes lit up and he shouted: “Daddy”!

“His father works long hours and has almost no days off. He runs a kitchen in a restaurant and comes home dirty, smelly, and exhausted every night. He works very hard to take care of his family”.

“But he’s so proud of his son, and it was clear when my son rang the bell of every door and shouted ‘Trick or treat – I’m my dad!’ To strangers all night long that he is really proud of his father as well.

What a fun and inspiring way to celebrate the protagonist in the lives of most kids: their dad. It just shows you that heroes do not have to wear a cloak to be the most important thing in a child’s life.

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