Daddy’s song for his little girls brings waterworks to the room

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, what a sweet audition.

It’s been eleven long years but a surprise moment had Nick Edwards finding his confidence again after he took the stage at Britain’s Got Talent thanks to his two lovely daughters.

36-year-old Nick was more than shocked to see his daughters Savannah and Cali, three and four, brought on stage by his mother Tracey.

The three girls wanted him to get up and audition.
Edwards is from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and he said he had “never been so scared” in his life before the performance. Thanks to his daughters, his dream of singing his own songs in public is back.

He told the judges that he had “lost a lot of confidence” in himself over the years. He only sings in the shower as a result.

But you have to hear this man sing!
Amanda Holden was nice enough to tell Nick he could go grab a glass of water to compose himself though.

Edwards did return with a guitar ready to sing. Even Simon was glad he returned. Nick sang a song he dedicates to his daughters since he says the song had become the “soundtrack of their life”.

He certainly can play that guitar.
But Nick’s singing pulled on everyone’s heartstrings especially judge Amanda Holden and host Declan Donnelly.

Simon Cowell went on to say, “It was so sweet, you have a lovely voice”. David Walliams confirmed he had “4004 yeses”, which included the audience.

Edwards shared that he had no idea about the set-up. All he knew was he was going out with his wife for the day since his sister-in-law gave them free tickets to Britain’s Got Talent.

A very thoughtful surprise.

So when Nick first saw his mother and daughters come on stage, he really assumed they were going to audition. Imagine his shock when they asked him to audition for the show.

Nick is an amazing musician and a fantastic singer.

A friend of his left a comment saying,
“Nick’s voice was like this even 10+ years ago. He was an excellent singer songwriter then too and had a lot of creative ambition when we talked about projects together. I never understood why he seemed to stop except for the occasional home video he shared. It’s amazing to see him back in his element again. Keep at it Nick! There’s so much creativity in you man! It doesn’t matter what comes from it. Just keep going and enjoy the process! So happy to see him back with a guitar on stage in front of a crowd.”

Hard to believe that behind that face is a voice the world needs to hear.

Savannah and Cali are super blessed to have Nick as their dad. He sings with so much love, you can tell he was thinking of his daughters the whole time up there on stage.

It’s safe to say he’s got his confidence back. We’re all looking forward to hearing more from Nick.

Watch the video below for an emotional overload!

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