What happens when kids play with their fathers…So funny and sweet.

It turns out that on a subconscious level, the child perceives mom and dad differently. Mother for the baby is the source of vital warmth. Dad is a source of strength, an older friend who is able to share this power, protect and protect from any life’s adversities. Apparently, dads feel this state of affairs intuitively. And that is why their games are always so energetic, with running around, fussing, squealing and laughing.

Perhaps dad will not be too interested in collecting a pyramid with a baby or picking up liners for frames. But dad is unlikely to refuse to play ball with the baby.

The baby needs not only affectionate and gentle games with his mother, but also assertive, mobile, even slightly aggressive “male” games. And even if dad starts playing the usual “hide and seek” with the baby or just carries him in his arms, he will do it in a completely different way than mom. In its own way, in a special way, which will enrich the experience of the child, give him completely new sensations and impressions …

Why not arrange a funny competition? Precisely funny, because serious ones are not yet for the baby. He still does not know how to lose with dignity. And if dad always gets something better than him, he will certainly be upset. Therefore, we play not for the sake of winning, but for the sake of fun.

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