Baby Girl Invades Dogs Personal Space To Kiss Him Prompting Response Family Did Not See Coming

We feel very protective and affectionate toward our babies. Although they haven’t learned to speak yet, they are capable of communicating their feelings in a lot of nonverbal ways.

Many people adore babies because they seem to be brimming over with charm and enthusiasm about the littlest things in life. Babies seem to love almost everyone they meet, and animals are no exception.

A baby girl from San Antonio, Texas recently made a big splash on Youtube when she was featured in a home video interacting with the family dog. She was showing a lot of affection to the dog, who was taking a nap on the carpet.

Although the dog was much larger than her, she was not the least bit shy about making physical contact and showing affection. This was adorable, but what really caused the video to go viral was the way the dog reacted.

Before infants learn to speak, they tend to communicate a lot through touch. When they want to be friendly with a person or animal, they often reach out to hug or kiss the objects of their affection. In the case of the baby girl in this video, she was eager to express her love for the family pet by giving it some kisses.

She was very happy and having fun around the dog, and she was communicating her mood to the dog through her smile. This was a very special moment to watch. Despite all her attention, the dog was very laid-back and seemed more interested in relaxing.

It seemed like the dog was uninterested in the baby at first, but eventually, her enthusiasm seemed to rub off on the dog. Surprisingly, the dog got up, went over to the baby, and gave her some kisses.

His actions were mirroring her previous displays of love in a remarkable way. The two were really enjoying being with each other because of the kind of unconditional love that only animals or babies can express.

People are watching the video in order to brighten their day, and it’s reminding people how nonverbal affection can be so powerful. Adults can learn from this by realizing how much love you can show without even needing words.

Do you have any pets that you love to shower with love and hugs? Let us know in the comments. If this story brightened your day, don’t forget to show it to your friends and family!

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