11-minute flashback to the 70s: when times were simpler and fashion was fun

The video begins with a small variety of vintage photos. We can hear the narrator in the background explaining how life in the 70s was much simpler than it is today.

As he points out, this is mainly due to two primary factors: the relative scarcity of technology and the fact that “hanging out” meant actually going to physically visit people!

The video continues, switching topics to interior design in the 70s. The first thing the narrator discusses is wall decorations. There were many popular options in the 70s, including wood paneling, wallpaper, and textured materials.

The wood paneling could be made from plywood or pressured fiberboard that looked similar to natural wood (though not accurate enough to fool your guests!). Both genuine and faux wood were common in the 70s.

Wallpaper was available in many different styles and colors, which could be paired perfectly with a room’s aesthetic. Another option was textured walls, which could be made from flocked paper, foiled paper, or textured plaster.

Moving on, he switches to flooring. Shag carpeting was popular during the 70s, especially in living rooms! Although appealing to the senses, this flooring required a lot of maintenance to maintain its pleasant appearance.

For kitchens and bathrooms, the preferred flooring option was linoleum. This material was offered in many different colors with various pattern designs. Linoleum was the preferred choice for these rooms as it was durable and easy to clean.

The video covers many more topics, including decorative stone fireplaces, the importance of a living room TV set, and the unique chairs some may refer to as “egg chairs”! If you want to learn all the facts, you’ll have to watch the video, but you’re sure to enjoy this eleven-minute flashback to the 70s!

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