Emotional ‘AGT’ voice soars in a song for people who lost loved ones

Ava Swiss was a survivor of the Oxford School incident. She recently earned a standing ovation because of her beautiful yet heartbreaking performance on the AGT stage on Lauren Daigle’s “Remember” on the AGT stage.

The 18-year-old teenager and her brother were both at school when the incident occurred. Swiss and her brother were still recovering. However, the sweet girl auditioned for AGT so that she could inspire & heal several people with her voice.

When Simon asked how she was coping with life now, the singer replied that it was tough. She remembered talking to her brother about it, and both did not want to step inside the school. Finally, however, they returned to school, and things improved.

Swiss further stated that she remembered her community, family, and love whenever she sang. The talented singer believed that it would help her achieve what she wanted in life. Swiss said that she was grateful for performing on stage today. The 18-year-old was happy to showcase her talent with more people than she ever thought she could.

The teenager then delivered a fabulous performance of Lauren Daigle’s “Remember” in front of everyone. While performing, Swiss sang the emotional lyrics effortlessly and showed everyone that she was a powerhouse of vocals.

She earned a standing ovation from all 4 judges and thunderous applause from the crowd. The judges were speechless and were able to say, “Wow.” Mandel praised her singing act and was proud that she turned into an inspiration for several other people.

Klum gushed and said, “You are incredible.” While Vergara stated that she had goosebumps. Simon Cowell added that Swiss’s performance would be one of those acts that would stick with him forever. The singer earned 4 “yeses” and advanced to the next round of the competition.

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