Talkative Husky bravely faces the thunderstorms by voicing his funny thoughts

K’eyush, a very talkative and expressive Husky/Malamute cross, lived with his owner Jodie Boo in Devon, England. The adorable Husky had unusual behavior and a sense of humor that could make anyone smile.

Jodie had posted several interactions of her Husky, K’eyush, famously known as Key by his fans. The owner would interpret the Husky language as very comical, but it did go with the situation. It gave a natural feel to what the dog must have said if he spoke like a human.

Key was enjoying his peaceful day at home when suddenly he heard a loud rumble in the sky. It seemed like it would rain, and Key was unhappy about it. The sudden downpour of rain had made the Husky very angry.

He kept on voicing his displeasure while it rained. Key kept on arguing with his mom about how he did not want it to rain, but the foolish sky would not listen to him. It felt like Key did not like the rain since it was too noisy.

He thought the sky was furious and wanted his mum to be careful. He didn’t need any more rain and was very vocal at showing his displeasure as the weather would now get very cold.

Key was also unhappy as the talkative dog now had to speak loudly. Since the continuous rainfall made such a loud noise, he felt his mum would be unable to hear him.

The cute dog was unhappy with the current situation and kept arguing about the weather with his mum. But, he thought he was a clever Husky and knew something was wrong with this sudden rain.

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